Fast-track the effectiveness of your leaders and teams

Personalize Development with leadership coaching

For your most critical challenges, off-the-shelf development programs often don’t cut it. Our coaching is a growth accelerator and a great option for leaders who need to:


Set up

Define the need and what success looks like through leadership coaching.

Assessment and Goal Setting

Profile leader's style, strengths and development needs and create development goals.

Active Coaching

Gain personalized learning experiences though one-on-one coaching, feedback and putting development goals into place.


Evaluate individual's progress with input from participant and line manager.

A Winning Partnership

Our coaches are all consulting psychologists who work with leaders every day.



We understand the challenges they face – and we know about the science of behavior change.



The biggest predictor of coaching effectiveness? The relationship between leader and coach. We go lengths to ensure a good fit between your leader’s needs, character learning style and our coach’s personality, experience and expertise.

Development with Purpose

Leaders often approach development with a sense of obligation rather than purpose. The reason?

The development is not always targeted to their needs or priorities – plus it requires a significant investment of their time.

We start out developing a clear picture of each leader’s strengths, style and development needs. We work with them  – and their line manager – to agree on objectives and create a personalized plan that guides our coaching input.  

This ensures meaningful impact on both the leader and your organization.

Visible, Sustainable Impact

We start with the assumption that your leaders have the resources they need for the challenges they face.


They rarely need advice or training. Instead, we help them get perspective and tap into their existing resources and strengths.


We act as a committed development partner and empower leaders – through powerful questions, feedback and challenge – to make impactful change that sustains well beyond our involvement.


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Structured and Scalable

We work in a time-bound, structured and goal-oriented way.

We measure progress and engage the line manager at key touchpoints to ensure we are aligned and on track. 

And we have a global network of coaches so we can meet your leaders’ needs no matter where they are located.


Fast-track the effectiveness of your key teams

realize the potential of your key teams

Companies are adjusting to the pace of change by breaking down traditional hierarchies and moving to flatter structures and more collaboration – often virtually. 


Your success no longer hinges on the contribution of individual star performers. It’s about how quickly your teams can form, perform and re-form to effectively deliver their shared objectives.


Much as in sports, teams benefit from a coach to help them achieve their collective potential. Teams benefit from our coaching input when:


Beyond Team Building

Offsite team building and training events are great for creating energy. But too quickly the shine comes off and the impact fades when people get back to work.

We know that it’s not new knowledge and skills that matter. It’s new behaviors that make a lasting impact on your team’s effectiveness. 

We draw on the science of high performing teams to provide you with a clear roadmap to success.

Engaging and impactful

We help you develop a collective view on where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.

We create a psychologically safe environment where your team can have the kind of honest conversations they need to get past obstacles and build trust.


We meet your team where they are and focus on the real-world challenges you are facing.


And we use creative tools and technology to engage your team, prompt reflection, spark new insights, and solve tough problems.

Change that Lasts

After a team offsite or training event, people quickly fall back into old habits and familiar ways of doing things.


Coaching provides your team with structure, support and accountability that enables them to learn, practice new behaviors and integrate them over time.



Define objectives with the leader and team and create a team diagnostic profile.

Active Coaching

Observation and live coaching of the team on their effectiveness and help teams align around a common purpose.

Evaluate Impact

Review progress from the perspective of the team and its key stakeholders. Create an action plan to build on the team’s success.

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