See directly how leadership candidates will perform when faced with your future strategic challenges

Identify the very best leaders across your
talent pipeline

If you want to know how someone will perform at the next level, why leave it to chance?


Our virtual Leadership Assessment Center is the most accurate method available for predicting future leadership success. We put participants in the chair of a more senior leader and simulate the real-world challenges they’ll face.


You get to see directly how they will perform. And participants get a great preview of the job and learn for themselves the gaps they need to close.



Understand your strategy and context. Create a success profile that defines what ‘good’ leadership looks like.


Customize the Assessment to your company's context and success profile.


Observe and evaluate candidates in challenging leadership scenarios that reflect your strategic challenges.


To the individual and organization on strengths, development areas, fit and readiness for critical roles.

the gold standard

You want to know how a leader will fit and perform in your company, faced with your unique context, culture and challenges.


So why would you trust a generic simulation set in a fictional organization to inform selection?


We fully customize our assessment simulations to your organization, reflecting the real-world context and strategic challenges you face.


It’s the most predictive assessment method in the industry.

See the whole person

Leaders are often selected based on their past performance or current skills. But it’s no guarantee they have what it takes to be successful in the future in a broader role.


Our assessment centers provide you with a ‘whole person’ view. We go beyond competencies to measure experience, leadership style, potential and personal qualities that could derail a leader at the next level.


It’s an in-depth insight that enables you to make critical talent decisions with confidence.

Build a Transparent Talent Culture

All too often, talent decisions take place behind closed doors. There’s a lack of transparency around why someone was hired, promoted or identified as having ‘high potential’.


Our assessment centers enable you to evaluate talent against objective criteria linked to leadership performance and potential. Participants receive honest, in-depth feedback on the findings and appreciate the experience – whether or not they are successful.


It’s a more fair, upfront approach that your top talent will appreciate.  

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We can train and involve your leaders as assessors. That way, they get to see for themselves what candidates are capable of.


They develop a more rounded view on a candidate’s skills. And they also get to learn how to evaluate future potential – an insight they carry with them back to their day job.


Leaders feel greater ownership and investment in the assessment – which helps with the acceptance of the findings in your organization.


And it visibly demonstrates your company’s commitment to talent management.

A Developmental Experience

When working with your top talent, we believe it’s critical to deliver an exceptional experience.

Our assessment centers are a truly unique and immersive assessment experience. 



Participants get to test themselves in a series of high fidelity, live action scenarios including on-on-one meetings, group exercises, presentations, video work and a strategic analysis. The whole process is delivered virtually by our team of consulting psychologists.



We provide participants with in-depth feedback and help them translate the findings into a personalized development plan. 


No matter the outcome, they leave knowing what they need to work on to be better leaders. 


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