Minimize risk when making critical talent decisions

Unlocking the Potential of Your People

The world has changed, and so have the expectations of your people. In a post-pandemic era, people are more discerning and demanding than ever. They want to be heard, valued, and they don’t want to settle for less. That’s why you need a new generation of leaders to navigate this brave new world of work.

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of leaders believe leader succession planning is of utmost importance
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of leaders think their organization does succession well
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of a company's profitability is determined by the caliber of the CEO and executive team
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Companies with strong succession practices in place are twice as likely to outperform those with a less mature talent culture

Why Us?

Whether you’re new to talent management or striving to build a truly talent-centric organization, we’ve got your back. Our global team of business psychologists, talent strategists, and executive coaches has a proven track record in identifying and developing top talent in some of the world’s leading organizations.

Three Essential Questions

1. Need – Define Success

What specific qualities and skills will your future leaders need to execute your strategy?

Great leadership isn’t about one-size-fits-all. What makes a leader successful in one context may not work in another. Our success profiles are the missing link between leadership and strategy. They go beyond competencies to capture the DNA of high performing leaders in your unique context.

With success profiles, you can:

  • Make the right hires by distinguishing between good and exceptional candidates.
  • Target leadership development to focus on the specific capabilities and experiences that will propel your success.
  • Objectively assess potential and readiness for critical leadership roles.

2. Now – Know Your Talent

What are the strengths and gaps in your current talent pipeline?

Our leadership assessments are contextualized to your strategy and culture and provide deep insights across your current talent pipeline. As leaders rise in seniority, our assessments become more in-depth and human-centered, offering valuable, predictive insights and a rich development experience for your top talent.

3. Next – Build a Talent-Centric Organization

How will you engage, retain, and develop the next generation of leaders?

Let’s help you unlock the potential of your people at all levels. We’ll partner with you to:

  • Discover – How your current talent management practices benchmark with the best in the business.
  • Design – A roadmap to a transparent, objective, and inclusive approach to developing talent at all levels in your organization.
  • Deliver – A world class talent management process, including change management, communications, workflows, metrics, and integration with your HR systems.

Become a Talent Powerhouse

Are you ready to become a talent-centric organization that attracts, retains, and nurtures the best? Our global team of talent experts is here to fast-track your journey.

We’ve Got You

Whether you’re new to talent management or busy building a truly talent-centric organization, we’re here to help. Let’s help you connect talent and strategy and make your talent practices more transparent, objective, and inclusive.

Dive into our talent brochure to learn more about O.R. Talent Management solutions.

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